We’re Serjeants, a dynamic firm of UK and European patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys based in the East Midlands.


About Serjeants

We’re experts in intellectual property law. Our specialist team has a wealth of experience and can give you clear, commercially relevant, tailored advice to help you protect your business.


Our clients include multi-national corporations, SMEs and universities as well as people who just want to protect their ideas and secure their future. The subject matter may be complex but our approach is always the same: friendly, flexible and professional.


Patents protect technical inventions, such as mechanical processes or devices. Having a patent will allow you to profit from your invention or idea and license others to do so.


Trade Marks

A trade mark is a way of identifying the products or services of a business. We recommend registering your trade mark so you can stop your competitors using a similar name or logo.



Design rights protect the appearance of a product if it is new and creates a different overall impression compared to known designs in the market. You can register the design to get rights that last longer and are easier to enforce.



Copyright protects the expression of original creative works, such as drawings, photographs, written works, software code, sculptures, music and films.


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