Alison Townsend


Areas I can assist you with are:

  • All aspects of filing and prosecution of national and international patents
  • Providing cost estimates


I began my intellectual property career in 1995 as a temporary secretary in the patents and legal dept of a multi-national shoe machinery and materials company based in Leicester. I trained in intellectual property administration and eventually became responsible for the management of the group’s intellectual property portfolio.


When the group moved its administrative operations to China in 2007, I joined Serjeants as a paralegal when I was responsible for the patents, trade marks and design formalities.


In 2015, I joined the intellectual property dept of an international retail pharmacy group, where I established the administrative systems for the newly-formed patents division and provided administrative supervision and support for the whole intellectual property team.


I re-joined Serjeants in 2021 as a paralegal. I can assist you with all aspects of the filing and prosecution of national and international patents, including legal documentation, as well as providing cost estimates.


When I’m not working, I enjoy gardening, particularly growing my own vegetables. I love music and I play bass guitar for a rock band.