Serjeants achieves Cyber Essentials certification

To reinforce our commitment to protecting our clients, Serjeants has received the Cyber Essentials accreditation to help guard against cyber attack.

Cyber Essentials is a Government-backed scheme that helps to protect organisations against a wide range of common cyber attacks. Vulnerability to simple cyber threats can make an organisation stand out and become a target for more sophisticated attacks. Cyber Essentials helps businesses to prevent these attacks by providing advice on how to improve their IT defences. A certificate is awarded once an organisation has proven that they have the necessary defences in place.

Cyber EssentialsSerjeants, supported by our outsourced IT partner, TrueMSP, went through a rigorous audit of our IT systems and strict assessment of the security features of our computer network. By providing sufficient evidence and supporting documentation to demonstrate that we have good defences in place to protect us and our clients’ data, we secured the accreditation.

Darran Thacker, Partner at Serjeants said:

“As patent and trade mark attorneys, protecting our clients and their data is our top priority. One of our biggest global clients, based in the US, has extremely high cyber security standards and as one of their suppliers we are required to hold the Cyber Essentials certification to prove that we can store and handle their sensitive data securely.

“TrueMSP has been our IT support provider for several years and we couldn’t have achieved this accreditation without their help. Neil Shaw, one of the founders of TrueMSP, has been amazing throughout the whole process, ensuring that we met our client’s high standards of security as well as complied with the Cyber Essentials requirements. We are extremely grateful for his knowledge, professionalism and patience.”

Neil Shaw, Co-founder of TrueMSP commented:

“With cybercrime incidents increasing on a daily basis it’s vital to do whatever you can to protect the data held within your IT systems. By becoming Cyber Essentials certified you’re demonstrating to your clients and prospects that you recognise the importance of practicing and maintaining a high level of cyber security. The yearly Cyber Essentials process keeps you in check and holds you accountable to a standard approved by the UK government, opening doors to contracts that previously wouldn’t be available.

“The process of helping Serjeants become Cyber Essentials certified involved three steps. Discovery, where we identified what would pass and what would fail the certification. Action, to resolve any highlighted areas, and the formal certification process of completing the online assessment to satisfy the strict requirements. As Serjeants is one of our Managed Services Clients they had already embraced many of our recommendations, so passing the certification was straightforward and achieved within 48 hours.”

Darran added:

“The Cyber Essentials certification shows that we have the technical controls in place to prevent the most common cyber attacks and hopefully gives our clients peace of mind that their sensitive data is well protected with Serjeants.”