Protecting trade marks overseas is now easier and less expensive

Last year saw Brazil, Canada and Malaysia join an international agreement, known as the Madrid System, that enables the easy and cost-effective registration of trade marks in multiple countries.  There are now 122 countries signed up the system covering more than 80% of world trade.

The Madrid System makes it possible to apply for trade mark protection in any number of the 122 countries by filing one application and paying one fee. That fee will usually be significantly less than if you were to make ordinary separate national applications. There are also additional and on-going benefits compared to such national applications.

Additional benefits of the Madrid System:
  • the geographical scope of protection can grow with your business since it is possible to add protection in countries as and when they become of commercial interest;
  • there is a finite time period (18 months) within which you will know whether protection is granted in any country;
  • there is no need (unless your application is objected to) to appoint a local representative in each country;
  • there is no need to comply with formalities such as providing notarised Powers of Attorney;
  • there is no need to translate the application into other languages;
  • renewal of protection is easy, with one transaction and one payment covering your entire trade mark portfolio;
  • if you ever need to transfer your trade mark portfolio (for example to a ‘holding’ company) or change your address, that can be done in one application and with payment of one modest fee.
Could this system benefit your business?

If you feel that the Madrid System might be of benefit to your business, the first step is to tell us which countries are of interest. We will then tailor the most efficient, cost effective trade mark protection solution for you.

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