IP Infringement

Investing in, creating and obtaining intellectual property rights (IP) is only worthwhile if you can effectively enforce your IP by stopping competitors from exploiting it for their own benefit.
Equally, being accused of having exploited IP belonging to someone else is a serious issue and needs to be dealt with robustly.
What disputes can you help with?

We handle all IP disputes involving infringement of patents, trade marks, designs (registered and unregistered) and copyright.

Isn’t intellectual property litigation expensive?

The honest answer is that it can be. However, we ensure that we adopt an approach that is appropriate to your business and takes into account your resources (both time and money), the potential value of the claim and the commercial importance of the outcome to your business.


We recognise that your interests are usually best served by a swift and effective resolution of a dispute and, if at all possible, before any court proceedings are started.


If court proceedings are necessary there is a specialist court (the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court or ‘IPEC’) that handles IP disputes worth up to £500,000. It is proving to be a very effective venue in which SMEs, in particular, are finding it quick and easy to enforce their IP rights.

What if the infringer or infringement is overseas?

We have a trusted worldwide network of associates that we can call on to help you.

What if my IP dispute is minor and I can’t afford any legal costs?

The IPEC has a ‘small claims track’ that may be suitable. It has been designed for claims worth less than £10,000 and to be used without legal representation. Further details can be found here – https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/intellectual-property-enterprise-court-a-guide-to-small-claims.

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