Serjeants to exhibit at LATi 2016 Showcase

Serjeants is delighted to be exhibiting at the LATi 2016 Showcase to be held at the Sir Denis Rooke Building in Loughborough University Science Park on Monday, 24th October.

The LATi 2016 showcase celebrates 20 years since the tech networking group was founded. The theme of the event, ’From Earth to Space and Beyond’ represents the strength and diversity of East Midlands businesses who are involved in all aspects of science and technological innovation, from micropropagation to space engineering, and looks to the future of science and innovation.

When LATi was founded in Loughborough in 1996, the Internet was in its infancy. However, there were some dramatic advances in technology, life sciences and space science: the NEAR Shoemaker Spacecraft launched – landing on 433 Eros asteroid in 2001, NASA launched the Mars Global Surveyor, and Dolly the sheep was successfully cloned.

So, what will the tech and science world be like in twenty to thirty years from now? A community horticulturalist, a space engineer and a futurist will be talking at the Showcase about how our science past and science future is connected.

Dr Rose Deakin of The Crop Club based in The Studio at Loughborough University is to talk about the importance of plants and propagation, the future of planting, building seed banks and sustainability.
Andy Bowyer of Leicester space engineering business, Magna Parva is to talk about manufacturing for a future in space, including the challenges of building technology that won’t be used in operation for a decade or more.
Futurist, Christopher Barnatt of Explaining the Future is to talk about developments in local digital manufacturing, AI, robotics, obtaining resources from space, and transhuman medical advances.

Technology and science elite exhibiting
To be held on the first day of Leicester Business Festival, the event is to showcase the diversity of local technology, science and engineering businesses, including BioScience, Chemistry & Life Sciences, Design & Engineering, Information & Comms technologies, Materials, Space Science and Automotive sectors.

For more information, or to book your attendance please visit: